The Amsterdam Issue

Our first edition is  an ode to the home city of BIAS. We believe Amsterdam is one of the best cities to explore your own fashion style and inspire others. Amsterdam celebrates diversity, innovation, and sustainability; from ethical boutiques and second hand shops to Amsterdam Fashion Week and prominent Dutch designers. Wander the streets of Amsterdam and observe “the local fashion”; it is hard to find two people with the same style here.

BIAS.’ first issue  highlight four identities within the city: techno, environmentalist, hip hop and LGBTQIA+. We chose these identities because of the influence they have on Amsterdam’s fashion. Looking around in Amsterdam you’ll find that these identities are interwoven throughout the whole city: pride flags at ADE, techno parties for Amsterdam Pride, streetwear, dance communities and a big focus on sustainability. 

Our magazine will be the perfect guide for you to learn more about the stories behind the garments of these identities. Take inspiration from it, add pieces to your own style, and just wear whatever you want!

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a platform to fashion identities in metropolitan areas, offering a unique persepective on style, identity and expression.  We aspire to connect with our readers on a personal level, inspiring them to embrace their own originality and to appreciate diverse fashion within our cities. We aim to ignite curiosity, spark conversations, and ultimately, to leave a lasting imprint in the fashion industry.

Our Mission

BIAS. strives to celebrate and explore diverse identities within international, metropolitan areas through the lens of fashion. We aim to provide a platform for emerging designers, artists and trendsetters, while fostering creativity, inclusivity, and individuality.

Our Values

Our magazine honors different values. We aim to provide a platform where you feel free to express yourself. By connecting diverse identities we hope to create a welcoming community for the creative individual. By focusing on remembrance, we honor the stories that shape our past and give us inspiration for the future. And by providing a stage to upcoming talents, we empower the next generation of fashion influentials.  

The Amsterdam Issue

€ 21,95 (shipping included)

BIAS. is a magazine that invites you to explore different identities through the lens of fashion. The first BIAS. issue will focus on the Dutch capital: Amsterdam, which is also the home city of BIAS. Our magazine will be the perfect guide for you to learn more about the stories behind the garments of these identities.

Created by students of the HvA.

Printed in the Netherlands.

Publication date: June, 2024